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Transportation and logistics in space

The transportation and delivery industry really has come far. Just when you think it can’t get any faster and more high tech, something new comes along. And it is like something out of a sci-fi flick, or Futurama: same day delivery service from space! Never a dull moment in the transportation and delivery industry.

International Space Station

STS-130 Endeavour approaches ISS 3” by NASA – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Same Day Delivery From Space

Think delivering perishables across state lines in 24 hours without delay or damage to the cargo is an impressive task? Then you’ll really be impressed with the new delivery service from the International Space Station. That’s right. ISS can now get same their samples shipped from space to earth in under 24 hours. Instead of refrigerated trucks, flat beds or semi-trucks that we use here at Denver Freightways Express, ISS will load their samples and using the earth’s gravitational pull, they will fill a wingless capsule called the Terrestrial Return Vehicle (TRV) and shoot it back to earth. And voila, same day space to earth delivery.

Japanese robot arm

Japanese Orbital Deployer Arm
Photo by: NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Now, getting these TRV’s up to ISS is another matter. Gravity only goes one way, so it is a costly affair to deliver something back to ISS, but for now they’ll be sending a handful of TRV’s as part of a normal cargo run. So they’ll save expensive gas money on shuttle-pooling. Even space is going green. Once the TRV’s have reached the astronauts and scientists, they can begin to send critical samples they have collected back down to earth. Just fill the TRV with samples, push it into an airlock and then fling it into space using ISS’s Japanese-made robot arm (of course it’s Japanese). The wingless capsule will descend through the atmosphere before reaching its landing site in Utah. The return to earth should take no more than 6 hours.

Who says transportation and delivery isn’t cool?

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