Reasons to Hire a Shipping Company for Your Small Business

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Think your business is too small to hire a professional shipping and transportation company? Think you’ll save time and money by investing in your own fleet of trucks? Think it’s only big corporations that need to hire a logistics company to get your product to your vendors? Think again.

Why hire a professional shipping company for your small business?Transportation needs for your company

Believe it or not, hiring professionals will be far less expensive in the long run than trying to purchase and run your own delivery trucks. Transporting goods across the country can be tricky to navigate as there are many rules and regulations that go into running a successful logistics and transportation company.

What to look for when hiring a professional logistics and transportation company

When you are looking for a company to help advance your business and get your product from A to B in a timely and safe manner, the company should meet a few requirements first before you even consider going into business with them. Remember, this is your product and reputation on the line, and hiring unprofessional transportation companies in order to save a few bucks in the short term will ultimately cost you more in the long term, not to mention jeopardize the integrity of your product, which is the kiss of death for any small business owner.

Requirements for a good transportation company

Are they licensed and insured? Before you start using any company you will need to see proof that this company is both licensed and insured to handle your products and to transport across the country and across state lines. This in non-negotiable and should a company hesitate to provide proof, you should turn around and leave immediately.

Get everything in writing. Just like any professional working agreement you need to go over all of your expectations with the transportation and logistics company to ensure that they have the capability to safely transport the goods that you are providing and need shipped. The contract should also include a guarantee that your product will arrive on time, and what the financial repercussions of a missed shipment would be. All of this should be in writing to insure both parties. Should your business grow faster than expected, make sure that the contract allows for more shipments to be added and what that would mean to you in terms of cost. Make sure that the shipping company also has the power to supply extra shipments when the demand for your product starts to grow.

Packing options.  Make sure that you have discussed your options for packing your product so that it can ship safely and avoid being damaged while in transit. Does the company you are hiring provide quality packing services or will you need to provide that separately? Again, if they offer quality packing solutions, this will probably find this to be more affordable and part of their full package, rather than trying to package your products yourself. Having the shipping company pack your products will also give.

Denver trucking company

Colorado’s number one logistics and transportation company

Denver Freightways Express wants to take the logistics and transportation load off of your shoulders so that you can focus on your product and growing your business. If you are a small business looking for a logistics company you can trust, who will pack, haul and protect the integrity of your product and your business by getting the product our to vendors on time and unscathed, then talk to one of our experience staffers at Denver Freightways Express. We are also a small business, with family values, so we know the importance of having a great reputation and work ethic when it comes to succeeding with a small business. We want to help your small business succeed, and we have the equipment, the experience and the dedication to turn your shipping and logistical nightmare into a dream come true. Call us today for a quote.

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