The Best Truck Stop in Colorado

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No one gets around more than truck drivers. It’s what they do, and finding great foods to eat along the way can sometimes be hard. Truck stops are not exactly known for their culinary sophistication or healthy gourmet meals, but that’s not what you are looking for when you are hitting the road with a group of friends to see the country. Let’s face it, when you are on the road it is customary to eat a little comfort food along the way, stopping at local truck stops and diners to fill up on local treats. If you’re looking for the best burger or ribs or apple pie on your next road trip, ask a truck driver, because they’ve seen it all and won’t steer you wrong.

Good Old American Comfort Food

The Travel Channel has a great episode on the best truck stops with finger lickin’ good old American comfort food at its best. One of the featured truck stops is from Denver Freightways Express’ very own home state of Colorado and boast some of the best cinnamon rolls in the country, perhaps even in the world: The Historic Johnsons’ Corner. This little truck stop went from a small time café by a gas station in the middle of nowhere in 1952, to a national treasure once the Colorado I-25 was built right by Joe Johnson’s brainchild and since that day, this delicious truck stop has not closed its doors once. If you’re traveling along the I-25 Colorado, this is one meal you don’t want to miss.

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