Is Your Logistics Partner Ready for the Holiday Shipping Season

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I can’t believe I’m going to do it. I mean, it’s October. Halloween hasn’t even happened yet. But it has to be done, because in the logistics and transportation industry this is the moment when our industry either makes it or breaks it. We usually cruise by without much attention bestowed upon us, but right around the corner is the season that will have everyone watching the delivery industry: Christmas shipping

Talk to you logistics and transportation partner about the upcoming holiday season

The 2014 holiday season promises a 4-4.5 percent jump in holiday shopping sales. Put another way, the US is expected to reach between $981 and $986 million dollars in sales between November 2014 and January 2015. A significant portion of that is coming from online sales, making it easier for people to spend and shop more than ever before. This puts tremendous pressure on the transportation and logistics companies. Planning needs to start earlier than before and companies need to work with their logistics partners and transportation providers to make sure that they can handle the upcoming surge in sales.

Can your transportation and logistics partner handle reverse logistics?

People may be buying and shipping more than ever, but once the holiday season ends, you need to be prepared for an increase in return items as well, and they all need to be transported back to the store or the warehouse. Make sure that you talk to your logistics partner and make sure that they can handle the extra load.

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