Are You Ready For the Busiest Shopping Days of 2014?

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Are You Ready for Holiday Consumers?

By the time the holiday shopping season really takes off, small businesses and retailers in Colorado have already worked with their transportation and logistics partner to ensure they have the right products and the right quantity to satisfy customer demand. At Denver Freightways Express we are ready for the holiday shopping season. With an expert logistics staff and our own fleet of trucks, refrigerated trucks and flatbeds, and warehousing capabilities we have all you need for a smooth holiday shopping season. You can trust us to get your product to market efficiently and cost effectively.

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Denver Freightways Express can get you through the 2014 holiday shopping and shipping season

There are a few things we know about this season’s holiday shopping days. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the last weekend before Christmas, remains the busiest and most crazy shopping day of the year. But more and more “shopping” days are being added each year. This is where your logistics and transportation partners really come in handy. We know how to maneuver around crazy holiday shipping and logistics. Working with Denver Freightways to ensure your product gets to market on time in the correct amounts is going to save your time and money and ease the stress of having to maneuver around shipping, handling and transportation rules and regulations. Let us do that for you, so that you can focus on making the best product available.

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The busiest shopping days of 2014

Nov. 27: Gray Thursday

Wait, isn’t this Thanksgiving? Yes, yes it is. But why keep the stores closed while we gorge on turkey, when you can keep them open and sell, sell, sell.

Nov. 28: Black Friday

Don’t worry, just because you can get an early start on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that Black Friday isn’t still going to be insane with shoppers.

Dec. : Cyber Monday

Were you a little scared to go outside on Black Friday? Don’t worry, stay at home and shop online on Cyber Monday.

Dec. 20: Super Saturday

This is the last Saturday before Christmas. This is when you see frantic, procrastinating shoppers run amok in the stores.

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Denver Freightways will provide first class logistics and transportation throughout the state of Colorado and the Southern part of Wyoming. We can get your products safely from you home to the retailer and grocery stores using our 40 years of experience in logistics, transportation and storage. Save time and money with Denver Freightways Express. Call us today!

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