The Logistics of Starting Your Own Business

From small time to global empire

We all dream of starting out own business, working from home, being our own boss. We can set our own hours, never get undercut on wages, and when you are your own boss you’re always going to say yes when you ask for a little time off to take a vacation with friends and family. This is the dream. And, if you work hard enough, and have a great enough product, then you can turn this dream of being self-employed into a reality.

Home Grown Business

Imagine if those prized tomatoes in your backyard that you love to spend all your free time fussing over because a nation-wide phenomenon. All of a sudden you go from selling a few to neighbors from your make shift tomato stands in your front yard. Or those cupcakes that all the parents are raving about at the school, what if you could get all the bakeries in the state to start selling them. What if you enjoy making hand painted, hand carved hallowed or carnival masks and all of a sudden retailers from across the nation start to show an interest? These are all examples of home businesses that with the right tools and a lot of hard work can turn into an empire. And it all started right in your own living room.

Doing it your self will not (necessarily) save you money

In the beginning, once orders start to stack up you may employ the help of neighbors, kids and family friends to help you package and ship all the orders that are flooding in. But the more orders come in, the more you need to start thinking about aligning yourself with a professional logistics and transportation company. I know you may think that by doing it yourself you will be saving money. After all, hiring a big time professional logistics company does sound expensive, but shipping commercial for profit merchandise across the country can be tricky and you can run into all sorts of trouble that will end up costing you a lot more money in back taxes, missed permits and not properly shipping your perishable cupcakes across state lines.

The Logistics of getting your product to market

There are so many little details that go into successfully shipping your products from point A to point B and all the things that happen in between that you will be best served to hire a professional who knows the ins and out of how to get things to its destination in a timely and safe manner. A logistics company will know all the rules and will oversee your product every step of the way, from packaging and pickup to properly loading and storing your product, getting it safely through customs, import and export taxes, knowing the rules and regulations of the road, and if you product in temperature sensitive a logistics company will ensure it is continuously transported and stored with the right temperature.

Denver Freightways will provide first class logistics and transportation throughout the state of Colorado and the Southern part of Wyoming. We can get your products safely from you home to the retailer and grocery stores using our 40 years of experience in logistics, transportation and storage. Save time and money with Denver Freightways Express. Call us today!

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