Refrigerated Truck Services for Your Art and Antiques

Refrigerated truck are used for more than just perishable fruits and vegetables. Most consumers don’t’ realize how many uses a refrigerated truck has in the transportation and trucking industry. We think of them as just hauling fresh produce from the farms to your local grocery store, but refrigerated trucks can be used for so much more.

Transporting valuable art and antiques

The refrigerated trucks, or reefers, as they are referred to in the industry are the perfect vehicle if you need to transport art collections or exhibits from gallery to gallery or museum to museum. The same goes for you antique furniture that are all highly susceptible to heat and humidity. If not transported and stored properly, your original Van Gogh could expand and droop in an environment that is too hot and humid. The canvas will absorb the water in the air and change that priceless piece of art forever. A painting may retain most of its original state once the painting is put in a cool dry place again, but the damage is done. That one of a kind painting will never be exactly the same again.

The same goes for antiques. The wrong temperature and atmosphere can cause small cracks in old wood, and these cracks will never go away, and the joints of you antique will expand and contract and weaken the item if it is not transported with the right temperature in mind. Once the damage is done, there is no going back.

Transportation and logistics in Colorado

The team at Denver Freightways Express are using their skills and expertise to create the best logistics and transportation company in Colorado. We are all trained professionals in the business and take industry practices and standards very seriously. Once we have your product in our hands, we will give it first class treatment from start to finish using only the best equipment and technology that our industry has to offer. Your precious cargo, such as priceless art and antique collections, is safe with us and our refrigerated trucks. Call us today to hear more about our services.


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