New Trucker Technology

The life of the trucker has been romanticized in film and in song for generations. They are the modern day cowboys, rolling stones living a life of freedom with only the open road in front of them. It is a life of solitude and greasy truck stops, and of course, the CB radio keeping them in touch with fellow truckers on long hauls across the country.

The Citizens Band Radio

CB radios are great, and we’ve all learned a little trucker slang from pop culture and movies like “10-4” and “there’s a bear at your backdoor”, but in real life the CB radio is not the only connection to the road and fellow truckers like it once was. Technology is moving fast, and the trucking and transportation industry needs to keep up just like everyone else. The CB radio still has its place in the world of truckers, it helps keeps truckers in touch with other truckers for simple conversation, entertainment or passing along information that could affect your drive and prevent delays to your shipment. But the Citizen Band Radio has its limitations and newer technology is taking over. We may stereotype truckers and simple folk, blue collar individuals and free spirited travellers who aren’t affected by the tech race we all face in the bustling metropolis, but just like the ten year old sitting next to you at a restaurant effortlessly navigating an iPad and a smartphone at the same time, the trucker is just as savvy and technologically advanced.

New Technology, Quicker Expedition

In the world of trucking, despite what we may picture in our head, our main focus is getting your shipment from A to B without delays. New smartphone and iPhone apps are making this so much easier than it ever was, and the trucking industry is relying much more on GPS guided technology navigation apps, than the CB radio. Trucking has never been more advanced than it is today, and with over 11 million trucks on the road, all with a deadline and impatient customers waiting for their shipment, this new technology is much welcomed and is quickly becoming a truckers best friend, as they are now only a few clicks away from instant traffic updates, weather reports, changes in routes, and just about anything that can help them get your goods to its destination in a timely and safe manner, and always operating at peak capacity. (source)

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