National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Next week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, so let us start out by saying “Thank You”. Not only to the dedicated men and women who are the backbone of Denver Freightways Express, but to the 3.2 million professional truck drivers who are right now delivering goods safely, securely and on time to keep America moving and growing.

Truck Drivers are underappreciated

We don’t hear about truck drivers a lot unless we get stuck behind one on a one lane highway, or because extreme weather has prevented goods from reaching its destination on time. We never hear about the good stories, because when things are running safely, smoothly and on schedule, we don’t give trucks or their drivers a second thought. Rarely do we think to thank the millions of men and women who dedicate their lives to the industry, the knights and dames of the highway, to make sure our products are available on time and in peak condition.

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We thank our doctor for keeping us healthy, but rarely do we thank the truck driver for timely delivery of the medicine prescribed by the doctor. We thank the grocer and the cashier and the bagger for helping with our groceries, but rarely do we tip our hat to the trucker who just delivered everything fresh and on time to the store. We thank our contractors and builders for a job well done, but never do we think to throw a “thank you” in the direction of the trucker who made sure all the materials arrived on time. And we (sometimes) thank our politicians for keeping this country moving and growing, but it is few times we throw a thank you in the direction of the driver who delivered everything a politician needs to run his or her office and make this country a better place to live.

Semi Truck Driving in Evening

Trucks are critical to our national economy and our global economy, to our private lives and our business lives. Take a moment to look around your house and your business and take note of all the  things you would have if truck drivers did not do their job with as much integrity and pride as they do today. In short: when trucks stop moving, the country stops moving!

Denver Freightways has the best truck drivers in the industry!

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Denver Freightways Express is proud to be in the transportation and logistics industry working side by side with these unsung American heroes that keep our nation flowing and growing. Thanks to our drivers, we can promise the best and most cost effective transportation and logistical service to our clients from Colorado to Wyoming. We know just how important it is to do this job right, and with integrity. We are proud to be serving all of our customers with satisfaction, and we couldn’t do that without the hard work and dedication of our drivers. So again: Thank you! Now hit the road…we’ve got deliveries to make!

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