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Great Customer Service is our obsession, that’s why we removed the middle man!

At Denver Freightways Express we want to ensure that your customers experience first class customer service all the way through the supply chain.refrigerated services, Denver Freightways Express

We will commit to providing a dedicated customer service representative. We feel that having one point of contact eliminates middle men; getting answers to you fast. All employees will be crossed trained ensuring when your main contact is not available no disruption in service is experienced.

Our building is located in a multi-tenant facility where we currently utilize 7,500 square feet of space with three dock doors 22ft clear ceiling height. We see being located in a multi-tenant facility as a benefit because it gives us the flexibility to grow and contract depending on business needs without being locked into long term contracts. This in turn becomes a benefit to customers because we can react to their business needs as well. We chose our location in Commerce City because the business park in which we are located, participates in the business watch program, our location is constantly monitored.

Denver Freightways Express is very sensitive about all product being  handled in a safe, secure manner. That way when it product reaches the customer they are receiving top quality product. We utilize a sanitation log book outlining all cleaning procedures, and safe movement of product inbound and outbound.


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Denver Freightways Express is a family owned business focusing on building a top quality logistics company. The team we have assembled, and continue to assemble are professionals in the industry, with customer service as their top priority. We are within minutes all major highways. 7 miles from Denver. 11 miles from Aurora. 17 miles from Littleton. These are three of the most densely populated areas in the Denver metro area. We are located only 21 miles from Denver International Airport.

We at Denver Freightways Express are building a top quality logistics company.  Feel free to contact us for more details about our services and rates.

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